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Subiaco Arts Centre


Los Angeles Fringe Festival

San Diego Fringe Festival

“As playwright, Susie Conte has created a work of strength and sincerity.” LA Review

“Conte’s adaptation takes in the soaring, almost romantic, style of Skinner’s prose. She delivers the performance with a gravitas that allows the audience to get to know Skinner’s life, her isolation and her musings on memory, sexuality and gender.” West Australian

“A simple story of loss and despair eloquently told. A Must.” San Diego Reader

“An enticing monologue” Rotunda Media

“Conte gives an unhistrionic performance that pays respect to her subject and her concerns – the place of women in the world, the nature of love and its lack, the impulse to art. It is well, and sometimes beautifully, supported by a simple, austere design, complementing the narrative without distracting us from it. Sparrow is a well-constructed and enlightening window into people and times that have faded from memory. It’s good to have this chance to see them again.” David Zampatti (SeeSaw Magazine)

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